Fun Kids Activities

Draw Your Dentist

Your dentist works to keep your teeth healthy. What does your dentist look like?

Find Your Way To Good Oral Health

Race your way through the maze.

Hint: Let healthy habits guide you, and don't let the unhealthy foods steer you in the wrong direction.

Spot The Difference

Can you see what is different between these pictures? One difference has been spotted. Can you circle the remaining eight?

Magical Brushing Word Search

Circle the oral health-related words in the letter scramble below. Then place a check next to each one you've found. Good luck!

What A Tangle

Can you help untangle the floss so they can keep their smiles healthy and bright? Trace the floss that leads to the boy and the floss that leads to the girl.

Healthy Habits Build Healthy Teeth

Draw lines from items that will keep your teeth healthy to the Happy Tooth. Then connect the items that could hurt your teeth the items that could hurt your teeth to the Sad Tooth.

Answer Key

Need help with any of the activities? Check your kiddos work on this answer key.

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